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Don't take my word for it


I started with Emmet initially because, like many women the idea of going into a busy gym floor gives me anxiety like no other!

I loved the idea of the 1:1 set up on a familiar and safe place. 
Emmet has the ability to put you at ease from the get go. He talks you through your goals and the different pathways to reach them, he’s concise without being patronising, he is lighthearted and good craic but demonstrates a clear passion for meeting the clients needs. 
The smaller gym is perfect as it got me familiar with the equipment and how everything works, slowly built up my confidence. The mirrors are great for checking your form aswell. I never left his sessions without a smile on my face. I love how he mixed up the exercises each session so it was a shock to the system and never got boring or repetitive. 
The WhatsApp group and check ins really help to keep you accountable and take ownership of your own fitness journey. 
That said, he’s a complete laugh and you’ll be giggling the whole session- he keeps the fun in fitness, which is why I would return to him again and again!


I started going to Emmett around 1 month ago, I was in the worst shape of my life and feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin. Emmett made me feel comfortable from the get go, he has an individual and targeted plan which helped me settle in to training and dieting. Every session is different, with Emmett’s ability to coach form and intensity, it would be difficult to leave any session feeling like you haven’t worked. In four weeks, using Emmett’s advice, I have already moved in the right direction in my fitness journey. As a bonus, Emmett is a gentleman and great craic, highly recommend!


I initially started with Emmet because I was unhappy with where I was mentally and physically with myself. Training with Emmet give me something to look forward to! 1:1 sessions where tough but also a great laugh. Emmet brings banter to the floor and made training enjoyable. Was always on hand to answer all my questions. Called me out when I needed to keep me motivated and on track. Fast forward 3 months and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and my mentality is far better. Can't thank Emmet enough for his motivation and support helping me on my journey. He continues to support me and is still there for advice and guidance whenever I need him. Top man!


I started working with emmet 6 months ago and just want to say straight of the fucking bat I am in the best condition I've been in my life physically and mentally. My journey so far has been amazing and non stop craic and gets better with each session! I say to him when were training it doesnt even feel like I am because we have such good craic and even with him it doesn't feel like work as the craic is 90 but also pushes you to be the best version of yourself.  With Emmet not only are you gaining a PT, life coach and teacher but you're also gaining a friend. Not gonna get too soppy on you ya ballix ye but thank you so much for everything mate and the show goes on!
Keep er lit boyo💪

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